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The new Mel Gibson, ladies and gents (as if you haven't heard this already).

This ruined "Seinfeld" and the Kramer character for me (he was my favorite! HS memories abound!).

Friggin' a, man. As I said in an LJ community, why couldn't one of the actors from "Friends" have pulled this crap, instead?

Ugh, you never know who turns out to be a bigoted idiot. I figured that, given the show had an all-white cast, there had to be one in the bunch. And, he revealed himself, in lovely form. I can't believe he used "Afro-American" in his apology, too. BAH.

Now, to write my cover story (and other important things). I would editorialize about this, but that would give this idiot more attention than he deserves.

PSA for Honda/Acura Owners & Leasers

Since there's so many of us out there ... (and since I spend too much time reading Honda message boards, lol)

Apparently, Honda/Acura odometers are off in certain models, overcalculating the car's mileage, and they're extending the warranties of cars purchased between certain dates and from certain model years. A class action lawsuit was filed, and the results will be "permanent" in May.

While acknowledging no wrongdoing in the settlement agreement, Honda says in the statement that "in the interest of customer satisfaction," it has voluntarily agreed to expand by 5 percent its mileage-based agreements with persons who bought or leased Honda or Acura vehicles in the United States, Puerto Rico or the U.S. Virgin Islands between April 13, 2002, and Nov. 7. The expanded agreements include warranties, lease mileage-based limitations and extended vehicle service contracts for certain 2002 through 2006 Honda and Acura vehicles and some of the 2007 Honda Fit models, according to the statement.
Under the terms of the settlement, consumers who incurred out-of-pocket expenses as a result of the odometer defects -- either because they had to pay for repairs that should have been covered by warranties or were charged for excessive mileage on leased vehicles -- can apply for reimbursement.

Here is the article detailing the settlement. <---- And, this is the site to get answers to questions about the lawsuit.

It all looks pretty damn legit, not like one of those fake scam things. It's not a major problem with the car(s), but it could get you a few more thousand miles of coverage under the factory warranty and a few more miles you can drive on your lease :) And, you could get reimbursed for repairs, since the warranty extension looks to be retroactive. The whole thing isn't finalized until next May, but you can apply for reimbursement now, if you have a valid repair claim.

Okay, that's all. Carry on with your lives.
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PSA for Philly-ites and interested parties

When's the last time you've seen a price like THAT at the pump?

Seriously, if it wasn't happening right smack in the middle of rush hour on a Friday at a place that's not very close to my house or my job, I'd go. I imagine people will be camped out there at that station for hours. But, if you've got nothing to do that day, and feel like braving lines that will be controlled by police for the sake of bargain hunting (teenyreeny82, I'm looking in your direction), feel free.

The fact that it would cost me $16 bucks to fill the tank in my Fit is tempting, though. And, I'll probably need more gas right around Friday ... hmmmm. They need to do things like this in my hood :(

I'm Googling for that Web site they talk about that lists the cheapest gas in the area ... not about to drive all the way to Scranton to save, or even the N'east, but maybe I can find gas in my area that isn't 20 cents higher than everywhere else in the city. Bah.

Edit: Yeah, and I'm sorry I barely make "Public" entries in this thing anymore. Remind me to post some old editorials that I wrote for the paper, kthx. They will spark discussion, or derision. Whichever you're in the mood for.

when philly institutions make the national news, it's always because of something lame

The image Philly presents to the world is the bestest, and Geno's is overrated, anyways.

Best part of the article: Of course, it's not as if native Philadelphians speak the King's English either. A Philadelphian might order a cheesesteak by saying something like, "Yo, gimme a cheesesteak wit, will youse?" ("Wit," or "with," means with fried onions.) To which the counterman might reply: "Youse want fries widdat?"

Verbage like this is precisely why people are always surprised when I say that I'm a lifelong Philadelphian. :P

And, I find this whole attitude hypocritical from a guy who isn't that far removed from immigrants, himself. But, what would you expect from a person who still sells "freedom fries?" @@

I'll just keep getting cheesesteaks from neighborhood places, thanks. Or, making my own, which come out quite tasty!

maybe three of you understand the significance of this.

Knight Ridder Sold

This is the parent company for the papers I work for. This should be good news, since it ends the uncertainty of whether I'm still going to be employed in a year or two ... right?

Of course not. It's never that simple.

At the same time, McClatchy plans to sell 12 of Knight Ridder's 32 newspapers, including The Philadelphia Inquirer, The Philadelphia Daily News and the San Jose Mercury News, saying that those papers don't fit the company's longstanding criteria of buying newspapers in growing markets.

Our paper is a subsidiary of PNI, the same company that produces The Inky and the DN. Now, whether this means that we'll be sold off with the dailies isn't yet known. So now, we have to wait for the whole Knight Ridder sale to be finalized. THEN, our company may be sold off to someone else at God knows what price. Who knows where our jobs will be when that happens? And, we don't even know whether the new company that bought Knight Ridder will keep our weekly division or not. They're keeping their stake in CareerBuilder, which is interesting.

Uncertainty sucks. Then, it mirrors the rest of my life, so meh. We shall see what the future will bring.
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Reason one zillion why racism still exists

People's attitudes bother me, ever so much.

The best part is that the person who wrote the essay is black, so now white people are going to be like "Look, even your kind thinks all of you are doing wrong!" Ugh. I love the justification for forwarding the e-mail along: "I only agreed with part of the racism, not all of it." Great.

My favorite excerpt:

• "About five years ago, in a debate before the National Association of Black Journalists, I stated that if whites were to just leave the United States and let blacks run the country, they would turn America into a ghetto within 10 years. (But) I gave blacks too much credit. It took a mere three days for blacks to turn the Superdome and the convention center into ghettos, rampant with theft, rape and murder."

Wow. Uncle Tom Ruckus speaks.

I love how all these negative qualities are all ascribed to black people, since there's no white people who rob, rape, murder, and live off of the government.
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